You don't need to wait weeks for your crew's COVID-19 test results. Delays and reduced staff can heavily affect your costs. Fusion Labs can offer you a fast and accurate test solution.


This COVID-19 test detects genetic material of the virus using a lab technique called polymerase chain reaction (PCR). After a sample is collected, RNA, which is part of the virus particle, is extracted and converted to complementary DNA for testing. The PCR test involves binding sequences on the DNA that only are found in the virus and repeatedly copying everything in between.

Product Technical Introduction

Testing device authorized under the interim order for importing and selling medical devices for COVID-19

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Fast Turnaround

Get faster results and avoid last minute surprises with your crew and eliminate worries with potential COVID-19 outbreaks.


With our partnership with Luminaire Canada we can assure access to first-rate laboratory capacity, and continued availability of reagents and supplies to meet high demand.


Our COVID-19 PCR tests for “diagnostic” are authorized by Health Canada and have a proven high accuracy.

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We know a possible outbreak can shut down, delay and increase production costs. Our solutions will help you prevent any risks.


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Our job is to help you identify significant hazards, provide accurate and fast information allowing you to be proactive and avoid potential issues with a COVID-19 outbreak.

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